Where do rats hide during the day?

Rats are known to be very clever yet very shy creatures. Although they are small in size but, they have many tricks to manage their activities for living. There are almost fifty one species of rats present around the globe. Moreover, they could be found in almost all places in the world. Some of them are wild rats that live in forests, some are ground or roof rats, that might have their habitats in forests but mostly they are found in several rural and urban areas. Rats in the forests may not be the problem for anyone as they live in the environment of the creatures like themselves. But when it comes to the rats in urban or rural areas where there is a large population of humans, the presence of these rats are considered to be very disturbing and trouble creating. They can cause several damages to humans by destroying their objects or sometimes they might even bite humans. People always look for methods to get rid of these aggravating creatures. Although, there are many methods to keep rats away from your place but still due to their cleverness they become very difficult to catch. They could find out many ways to escape from your traps and they have several places to hide themselves.

Why do rats hide themselves during the daytime?

Rats are often said to be shy in nature. They do not like to be around people or in crowded places. So, they hide themselves in further places during the day times. That's why you may see fewer rats in the day as compared to the nights. After being at their roosting all day long, they move out in search of their food in the night. They also get their food stored with them, which they had searched in the nights so that they do not have to face any shortage or unavailability of food in day times. In day times they prefer to be with their mates or families in their nests.

Wild rats:

When it comes to wild rats, they get themselves hid inside the hollow logs of the trees, they can make their nests out of those logs quite easily. They might also hide underground by digging up the ground as their roosting. They could also set many other possible places in the forests to hide.

Roof rats or ground rats:

These rats mostly live in rural or urban areas. They have a wide range of places to hide. They could have probably made their homes in your attics or the basements or the gutters, in the pipelines, or even in your wardrobes, in between the walls or in several boxes placed in your houses.


Because of their small sizes, they have the advantage to hide themselves even in several small places too. They spend their whole day resting in their nests that they have built at several secret places. Other than hiding in your houses, they may also hide underground, in the gutters, garbage bins or at any secret place they find outside.

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